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Praise For Adapt or Perish from Business, Education, and Military Leaders


"Afraid of change?  Read this book.  It will pave the way for solutions in both your personal and business life.” 

Mel Bartholomew

Engineer, inventor, and

author of  Square Foot

Gardening – the largest

selling gardening book ever!


“Every transitioning veteran would benefit greatly from reading the chapters on military lessons for business and transitioning from the military and personally assessing how your salient points apply to them individually. You've provided them wise counsel.”

Lt Gen F. L. Hagenbeck

former Superintendent,

 United States Military

Academy, West Point


“Adapt or Perish is a must read for anyone seeking a fulfilling career and not just a job! I highly recommend it.”

Jeannette Frett

Chief Talent Officer

Howard University


Adapt or Perish offers the kind of advice that is valuable to everyone from the newly diploma-ed job applicant to the senior professional with a lifetime of work experience.  It is a roadmap for those who understand they must change the way that they embrace change itself.  Well then, what are you waiting for?  Ready... Set... Read!”

Stuart Manis

Director of Sales

and Marketing,

Kramer Consultants


“Adapt or Perish is a treasure chest of practical information on how to navigate personal careers through various challenges. It has an easy to grasp layout and it’s well written. Any business person will find it indispensable. I highly recommend it.”

Emil Stempel

Professional Engineer


Adapt or Perish is an impressive breadth of topics covered by knowledgeable industry experts sharing their insights, aha moments and research. This is a must read for those facing transition and more important for those managing people that have been through transition. I appreciated the chapter on “Generation Trends” and was able to relate it to personal, social and work situations giving me a new perspective of how to better influence, motivate and build teams; for example, the benefits of pairing generations within a team.  The reference list of supporting material is likewise impressive and adds credence to the material presented in the book.  It is unlikely I’ll read all of the references and, after reading this book, likely won’t have to.  Thank you for this wonderful compilation in Adapt or Perish.”

Donald Baddorf

Vice President,

Investment Solutions


“Find out what it takes to succeed in the new normal. From managing social media to managing your career, from understanding generational tendencies to managing risk, this book is a road map to a successful future for individuals and organizations.  Filled with valuable charts and easy exercises, it will help you take control and move forward.” 

Eugenie R. Brown

VP Business Development


“You capture the essence of what it means to survive dealing with job loss and achieve ongoing success in life. I especially enjoyed the sections referring to professional responsibility, motivating people and resiliency. Furthermore, the personal references spoke to me such as ‘make happy moments’ and ‘I’m going to be OK.’ Thank you team!”

Marilyn L. Burtt, MBA


“Change is one characteristic that separates the good talent from the great talent.  As an executive recruiter, the companies I work with want people that can adapt to change and do it quickly. The blend of the authors’ experiences and coaching is valuable for all levels of an organization, including CEOs. I will encourage the people I work with to read this book. The title says it all.” 

Brad Remillard

IMPACT Hiring Solutions


“So many ‘self-help’ books preach, ramble, and simply leave us with a sense of having wasted our time. Adapt or Perish is a rare combination of identifying the key areas of need yet keeping it light and interesting. It is a book you can easily read in an afternoon that might change your life forever. It features subject matter experts who succinctly shared their expertise and provided tangible exercises, which showed me what well-developed thought was given to this book.”

Cindy Pickens

Founder, CaféNet

regional networking



Adapt or Perish is a great collection of valuable information from very credible sources. Bringing together the wisdom of so many renowned experts provides information in a single resource that generally requires sifting through dozens of books.”

Nancy Salzman, Esq.

Dean, Extended Education

Brandman University


“I think Adapt or Perish will be a very valuable read for managers at all levels including small business.”

Lt. Col. Gene Wolf 

 (Former Commander)

Squadron 40 California

Wing - Civil Air Patrol

Auxiliary U.S. Air Force

“Change is a constant theme in business and this book gives us answers! What a refreshing set of topics and talented authors. A must read for any entrepreneur or executive.”

 Mark J. Kohler

CPA, Attorney,

Author of  What Your

CPA Isn't Telling You


“This step by step guidebook takes you through the process of embracing changes in business. It provides you with useful tools and tips for personal development by finding the ideal position.”

Gwen Bernal,

Human Resources Executive


Adapt or Perish could also have been titled Thrive or Perish. Each chapter in this book has great information and ideas about how to make the changes necessary to succeed in the current business environment. There is red meat here for business owners, C-level executives, directors, and managers as well as those seeking their next position. I highly recommend Adapt or Perish for all who want to succeed in our changing business environment.”

Richard Horstmeyer, MD

Past President of

Experience Unlimited


“This book addresses the ongoing challenges of adapting to change without fear of failure in an ever increasing social media presence within an electronic age of information.  The in-depth insight of adapting the vision of the business model, continuous strategic planning coupled with the importance of the selection leaders are addressed in a compelling manner for a world ever so transitioning to a transactional based global economic model.  A must read.”

Col(R) Edward G. Carson

Chief Executive Officer,

 Growth Management and Constructive Changes, LLC


“This book will give new and seasoned business professionals insightful strategies for adapting and thriving in a constantly changing global marketplace.”

Beverly Jones

Higher Education



Adapt or Perish is a book for everyone who would like to succeed in this fast changing world. Look for the opportunities that exist in the change, embrace it and become the leader of tomorrow.”

Sushma Rajput

Toastmasters Founder's District Public Relations Chair, Div F 2010-2011


“Adapt or Perish is a comprehensive collection of wisdom and advice from some of the nation's leading experts on change.  Their perspectives on successfully leading organizations through an environment of shifting landscapes equip the reader to effectively adapt in business, leadership, and in careers.  Where continuous change is now the new normal, Adapt or Perish is a guidebook on change management that deserves to be in every executive's library.”

Frank Borst,

President & CEO at

Masterpiece Consulting

The Snowball Effect

By Mark Fierle

Growing up in Western New York we always had plenty of snow during the winter months. As a result we became experts at making snowballs, both the small ones for throwing purposes and the large variety for making snowmen.

The large ones are the subject of this chapter as it has a function in our life, at least the way I see it.  Here’s what I mean.

For all of you that are not experienced snowman makers, big snowmen are first of all small snowballs. Just like children, with a little nurturing they become big snowballs or grown adults; then if we choose snowmen. Yes, little snowballs can become snowmen. So how do we make snowmen? First make a small ball then roll it in the snow, keep rolling and soon you have a big ball. Add a medium sized ball then a smaller one for the head, add a few bits of charcoal and a carrot for a nose and we’ve got a snowman. Okay, how does that relate to me?

Think about it. When our belief is that we are doing everything possible, can we do one thing more? It is amazing how momentum makes a difference. Just get the ball rolling and pretty soon there’s a new snowman. Often it’s just one more thing we do that gets the momentum rolling. Even a small, insignificant change can result in profound consequences, sometimes without a logical explanation. Here is an example. When Sandy Koufax came up to the Brooklyn Dodgers, he had a devastating curveball and an electric fastball. He had only one problem, he couldn’t get that fastball over the plate and he lingered as a so so pitcher with great stuff. Finally, after a number of mediocre years a small insignificant change was made. His frustrated pitching coach with the Dodgers suggested that Sandy ease up a bit on his fastball. The consequence was that immediately his pitch control improved. Almost at once he became the most dominant pitcher in the Majors and ended up a Hall of Fame pitcher in his first year of eligibility and one of the greatest pitchers in baseball history. It wasn’t a miracle, just a small insignificant change along with a lot of God-given talent that made the difference.

There are thousands of stories like this in every walk of life. Maybe by asking your mentor or someone you trust to evaluate your style, method of operation, etc. you can make a small insignificant change that can positively influence your life. By the way, we all have God-given talent. We just need to use it in the intended manner.    Here is a short poem that I refer to often:

“Success is failure turned inside out;
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt;
And you never can tell
How close you are,
It may be near when it seems so afar
So stick to the fight when you are hardest hit
It’s when things seem worst that you mustn’t quit!” 

Sorry, I don’t know who wrote this little gem but it always seems to work for me. Hope it works for you.

Here’s one more little tidbit, it involves “miracles.” Miracles happen when they are most needed and the person involved has the faith and hope to believe they can occur. Sometimes when it’s almost to the point of hopelessness a miracle occurs. That’s why they call it a miracle. It may be a small miracle or a large miracle. Sometimes we don’t even recognize it as a miracle, just maybe our good luck, a result of our hard work, a fortunate event, even a coincidence that can change our lives and get us back on track. Moral, don’t give up hope, keep the faith, and make that significant or insignificant change. Don’t rely on miracles, just make use of your God given talent, institute changes when necessary and live your miracle!

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